How to lose weight whilst taking citalopram - Baby weight gain breastfeeding

I am exactly like you described - skinny all my life with no body issues until I took an SSRI and gained 30 pounds. How to lose weight whilst taking citalopram. I used to have a to- die- for body so gaining the weight hit me especially hard.

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My weight has shot up so much recently and seems to coincide with my medication being put up from 1 to 2 capsules a day. ive been on prozac for many years but weight gain has not been a problem before.

hi everyone, ive been off cipramil for 11 months now, i was taking 60 mg a day for severe panic attacks/ depression which was made worse by the 56 pound weight gain i managed to achieve while on cipramil probably because i spent most of my days sleeping and in general not living ( for seven years) i decided to “ get alife” and weaned myself off the drug. oh god what a nightmare icould spend.

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